Lawn Care Services in Mobile, AL

At New Image Landscape, we perform lawn care services of all types. Our specialties include lawn maintenance and mulching. We also plant and prune trees, as well as remove debris. We apply fertilizers and other chemicals to encourage growth for stubborn lawns. Let us eliminate the guesswork and help you turn your scrawny yard into a lush paradise!
We give our customers the attention and service that they deserve. Check out our services below.

  • Regular Lawn Maintenance

    Regular lawn maintenance includes cutting, edging, trimming, and blowing. Do you have time for all of that? Even though these tasks are part of necessary, regular maintenance, you may not have the time to keep your yard up to the Jones’s standards.

    Allow us to be your one-stop shop for your lawn maintenance needs. Do you live in the Mobile, Alabama area? Are you looking for a great lawn care provider? Look no further.

  • Yard Debris Removal

    As a full-service provider of lawn maintenance services, New Image Landscape offers debris removal. Have you let your yard go too long without attention? Maybe a big storm just took down some large tree limbs. Whether a hurricane hit your front yard or the woods in your backyard need clearing out, you need help. New Image Landscape is here for you!

    Put our years of experience to work for you. We offer fair rates, and our team will treat your property like our own.

  • Tree Planting and Pruning 

    After you plant a tree, pruning it is the best thing you can do. In the life of a young tree, it will need careful attention with a pair of pruning shears and a loving hand. When a tree is pruned incorrectly, it will be uglier and more susceptible to disease. Remember, the tree’s first years are the most important in its overall shape, lifespan, and strength.

    Unsure when and how to prune? Make sure to plant it correctly to start with a healthy foundation. Then, before you take the shears to the branches, decide on the desired shape of the tree. Be careful not to prune during the coldest part of winter – even if you plan to perform this during the tree’s dormancy in the winter months.

    If you are interested in summer pruning, you should wait until the seasonal growth is complete. Don’t wait too long, however, because you will lose some of the corrective effects that pruning can have.

    Did you know you can prune to enhance flowering? Trees that bloom in the spring and trees that flower in the summer have different preferences, so plan accordingly. Make sure not to prune in the fall, or your cuts will be more vulnerable to decay and won’t heal as quickly.

    We’ve covered the basics, but if it sounds difficult, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Hire the experts for your tree planting and pruning needs.

  • Mulching

    Did you know that mulch can help with moisture retention, weed control, and soil richness? Not to mention the beautification mulch brings to a lawn.

    Mulch isn’t just for beautifying a lawn, although it does that too! It also regulates soil health, moisture content, and temperature. It’s necessary for preservation and retention of water, and also prevents roots from being too moist. Mulch is useful as a buffer from harsh temperatures, as well as from lawn mower damage. It can even be used to prevent erosion on sloping lawns

    Made of various materials, mulch can be organic (wood chips, straw, bark, and hay) or inorganic (stones or rubber nuggets). The various materials are preferable for different plants, utilized for various purposes and appearances.

    Mulching is a complex process in which the outcome is based on variables such as atmospheric humidity, season, soil temperature, type of plant being grown, soil moisture content, and more. It provides numerous benefits, including soil enrichment and a more favorable growing environment.

    Mulch is also used as a preventative measure against weed growth, and it’s a protective layer that should be spread on top of soil, not instead of soil. However, if performed improperly, mulching can drown or suffocate roots.

    Applying mulch? Consider contacting New Image Landscape, located in Mobile, Alabama, to assist you. Whether you need mulch around trees, on paths, or in flower beds, we have the expertise to correctly install your mulch.

  • Fertilizing 

    Looking to improve your garden’s yield or beautify your lawn? Both are outstanding reasons to hire a lawn fertilizing company. A member of the Alabama Turfgrass Association, New Image Landscape has been recognized as an expert in the landscaping industry.

    As part of our lawn maintenance services, New Image Landscape offers fertilizing and chemical applications to lawns. Fertilizer is meant to improve the growth of your lawn, trees, bushes, flowers, and other plants. Fertilizer helps in the development of leaves, roots, flowers, fruits, stems and seeds.

    Typically containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, fertilizers also usually include calcium, magnesium, and other elements. In the preparation and application of fertilizer, you want to be certain to use the proper amounts of the elements and to use the best tools for application.

    You definitely don’t want to poison your plants by overpowering them. At New Image Landscape, we know how to measure and apply fertilizer correctly and safely, and have experience with variations that correctly supply nutrients to different plants. Our team is experienced with proper dilution and proportions, and we have the fertilizing tools to fit your needs. Let us save you time and energy!

  • Lawn Maintenance Services in Mobile

    Laboring in your lawn in the summer heat? Whether you make time for your lawn care chores after work in the evenings, or prefer to suffer in the summer heat of a Saturday in Mobile, yardwork is not exactly a walk in the park. Let New Image Landscape ease your drudgery. We have been serving the Mobile area for years, and our owner, Wade Stoudenmire, has over 20 years of landscaping experience under his belt. He’s very involved in our customers’ services, and hires only the best employees to join our team. Our hands-on approach has served us well, and we believe that our hard-working, ethical approach will continue to succeed in the years to come.

    Don’t spend back-breaking hours working on your lawn like your neighbor does. Want a fantastic lawn but don’t have the time to spend on it? New Image Landscape would love to give you a quote. Don’t be caught without free time to spend with your family – contact us today.