Landscape Services in Mobile, AL

  • Landscape Bed Design 

    Landscape bed design and construction may sound easy, and DIY projects have a certain appeal. But before you jump into this project unprepared, New Image Landscape in Mobile has a few tips for you to consider. Don’t start building that flower bed from scratch just yet!

    Islands and landscape beds can serve many purposes. They prevent erosion, protect delicate roots and flowering plants, and beautify yards.

    Think about the following:

    • Are you working with existing trees, bushes, or other landscaping elements?
    • What is the purpose of the bed (beautification, erosion prevention, etc.)?
    • Have you decided what flowers and bushes you want? Will they fit?
    • Do you want the bed curved or straight?
    • How big should the bed be?

    Whether we create a design from scratch or manicure an existing island, New Image Landscape will be happy to help you plan and execute a bed that fits your landscaping needs.

  • Soil Preparation and Sod Installation

    Sod is the quickest way to get a healthy, lush lawn. Lay the sod and pamper it for a of couple weeks, and suddenly, you’ve got a well-established lawn! It’s much more resistant to pests, diseases, and weeds than growing grass or millet seeds. Another benefit of using sod is its ability to rapidly develop roots. It takes less time to establish roots deep in your soil because you’re utilizing pre-grown grass.

    Laying sod may sound effortless, but there are several things to consider. First, you must measure the area. This is important to help you determine how much sod you need, and you must also calculate the amount of time you’ll be spending in the yard. For reference, if you are planning to work with a partner, you can probably cover about 1,000 square feet in one day.

    After you measure your yard, the next important step is to prepare the soil. Make sure you set a good foundation for your sod to grow; if you don’t give it good soil, the sod won’t be able to put down proper roots.

    Other things to consider when preparing your soil for sod installation include the temperature, rainfall, season, and existing grass. Depending on your climate, winter may be okay. Otherwise, you’ll want to lay sod during spring or early fall because cool temperatures and intermittent rain will help the grass take root. It’s also good to consider your existing yard; if it is uneven and dead, be prepared to remove these patches before laying your new sod.

    To lay the sod, follow straight lines and put the joints tightly together. Make contact with the soil, putting each tile down in staggering rows. If you must shape sod around other landscaping elements, use a large, sharp knife. After you lay the sod, there’s one more important step.

    This last step sounds straightforward, but it can be difficult to execute well. Don’t forget to water frequently, but not too frequently. Appropriate watering for new sod is both an art and a science. By committing to an immediate and planned watering schedule, you are ensuring that you give your new lawn one of the main elements that it needs to grow. Keep in mind, sod dries out more quickly when near a building. Don’t let your new sod soak up the heat. Keep it content.

    When it’s time to install sod, consider giving New Image Landscape a call. Our team specializes in soil preparation and sod installation. We have the proper tools and the experience to take care of your lawn. You won’t have to rent tools such as a rototiller, sod cutter, a sod-cutting knife blade, a spreader, a rake, and fertilizer. New Image Landscape will prepare your soil and install your sod. Give us a call today!

  • Gravel and Stone Walkway Design

    When installing a gravel or stone walkway in your yard, make sure that you are certain of your design before you commit. By digging out the shape and trenching, you are are taking a step that would be expensive to reverse.

    However, when you are certain that your walkway has been beautifully and functionally designed, an investment in a natural-looking path will make upkeep easy. A walkway will guide your guests down a well-defined route, gently reminding them to stay off the grass.

    A gravel or stone path won’t break your budget, and it will add ambiance and charm to your yard. If the task of designing and constructing a walkway in your garden seems daunting, consider working with a professional team. After installation, all that’s left is edging and upkeep. Keep your yard looking well-maintained – invest in an appealing gravel or stone walkway from New Image Landscaping.

  • Retaining Wall Construction

    A retaining wall is typically used for holding back soil. If you need this kind of conventional retaining wall, why not embellish it with lovely landscaping, turning it into part of your living space?

    If you don’t need a standard retaining wall to prevent erosion, a beautified retaining wall still has an element of allure. Consider the value that attractive stonework around your pool or grill, adorned with flowering plants, would add.

    While the thought has real appeal, there is a lot to consider. Before committing, assess design elements including material, shape, and height. For instance, the taller the wall, the more support engineering you’ll need. Can you fit a retaining wall in the desired position on your property?

    Whether you’re considering creative curves and textured tiers or deciding on a simple, functional design, a retaining wall is a big investment. You’ll spend time and money on the design and construction. That doesn’t mean it has to be a troublesome task. To ensure that the process goes according to plan, look for an experienced company or individual who is up-to-date on the local building codes.

    At New Image Landscape, our team is skilled at retaining wall design and construction. We install a fabric-covered drainage pipe, and then establish a solid base on top. We then tamp the soil so that your wall doesn’t settle. Our team levels each layer that we lay in order to maintain an even look and structure. We backfill to add support, and we add caps or finishing blocks to the top of the wall for a finished look. Contact us today for a retaining wall quote.

  • Watering, Irrigation, & Sprinkler Sprinkler System Services 

    Whether you are looking for a lawn sprinkler, an automatic sprinkler, a set of yard sprinklers, or an underground sprinkler system, New Image Landscape has experience with design and installation of irrigation systems. We also perform repairs on existing systems.

    There are many things to think about when considering a watering system installation. For example, your sprinkler irrigation system should have filtration, because the most common type of breakdown occurrence is caused by tiny particles blocking the sprinkler heads.

    Consider other critical elements, such as pipes, valves, and hydraulics. Which are better for your property? Remember, climate is important to take into account. Even wind can affect irrigation systems

    Knowing that pressure and flow are essential parts of irrigation system design, ask yourself: Should I install automatic or manual valves? While planning to prevent backflow, what pipes will I use and which sprinkler heads and risers will I select?

    Be prepared for what happens when pressure loss occurs. Know what adjustments should be made. Set timers and controllers.

    Before digging up your lawn, make sure you’ve considered these variables. Don’t hesitate to call New Image Landscape to answer your tricky sprinkler and irrigation questions, or to get a quote for a new irrigation system installation. We’d love to help you with your lawn-watering needs. Our irrigation & sprinkler system services include design, repair, and installation. Your lawn deserves the best. Let us deliver it.

  • Landscape Services in Mobile

    Tired of waiting for your bald patches of lawn to grow? We want to help you turn your stubborn lawn into a beautiful green oasis.

    New Image Landscape offers quality landscaping and lawn maintenance services. We have been serving the Mobile area for years, and our owner, Wade Stoudenmire, has more than 20 years of experience.

    We will care for your lawn correctly, right from the beginning. Our professional landscaping team is prepared to help. We have the tools and experience to handle any project.

    With a hands-on approach and a personal touch, New Image Landscape is unique in today’s modern world. Our team will treat you the way we treat our family. Let’s build a lasting relationship. Contact New Image Landscape to receive a quote for any of your lawncare needs.